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Iowa Freedom Update 1/29/2023


Moms for Liberty Town Hall: Giving Parents A Voice - Thursday February 2nd 7PM

Watch or Listen to this incredible interview with Moms For Liberty Co-Founder Tina Descovich. She will be speaking along with Governor Reynolds and several of our freedom loving legislators Thursday. Come, get inspired, and bring your questions.

During this interview, Tina gives us a glimpse into her amazing journey from disenchanted school board member to creating a National movement. If you listen until the end you will find out what

her Freedom Factor is, - the fuel that keeps her fighting for the hearts and minds of our nations children.

Governor Reynolds will be joining us. We hope you will be to.


with Representative Steven Holt

Bill Watch

SF 85 - Protecting our children from CASEL and DATA harvesting

Listen to a short breakdown and commentary here.

Subcommittee: Tuesday, January 31st

At 9:30AM At the Capitol Room 217 SF 85 Protection from SEL and Data Collection.

SF 83 - Prohibition of Teaching Gender Identity K-8

Listen to a short breakdown and commentary here.

Subcommittee: Tuesday, January 31st

At Noon At the Capitol SF 83 which prohibits teaching gender identity k-8.

Please enter comments in support of these bills and come speak for 2 minutes in support or just show up.

Our Governor and Legislators have been listening to us. Now we need to show our support.

If you appreciate what we are doing to keep you informed and to protect the freedoms of Iowans, please show your support.

We hope to see you at the Capitol on Tuesday and at the Moms for Liberty Town Hall on Thursday -RSVP.

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."

Oliver Bardwell


The Freedom Factor

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