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Our Work

Our Work has become a patchwork of Rallies and Events, Calls to Action and Email Campaigns, Lobbying and Educating. Like the quilt above. Whatever it takes to maintain the rights and liberties of every Iowan.


We have been working tirelessly to keep Iowans free since the Covid lockdowns. Legislators have learned that they can count on us to support legislation that protects the freedoms of Iowans and the children of Iowa. They also know that we will oppose any legislation that infringes upon our freedoms and liberties and will hold them accountable by supporting candidates in the primaries who will protect our freedoms over those who may have forgotten what it means to be an Free Iowan.  

We have developed relationships with many of our representatives and have regular meetings with them regarding the challenges Iowans have been facing.  Through collaboration with these freedom loving representatives, we've helped to inspire and support legislation that protects our liberties and freedoms on many issues, from medical freedom and religious liberty to parental rights and preservation of our constitutional rights, including our second amendment. 

Collaborative Efforts and Accomplishments 

Preserving our Rights and Liberties

May 18th, 2021

Removed Masks From Iowans

June 28th, 2021

American Frontline Doctors

September 24th, 2021

Iowa Civil Rights Commission

October 18th, 2021

Meeting with Senate Majority Leader

July 24th, 2022

World Wide Freedom Rally


January 10th, 2022

January 9th, 2023

Meeting at the Capitol on Education Reform

February 20th, 2023

Moderated Private Educational Legislative Forum

March 6th - 8th, 2023

Aided in Passing Legislation to Protect Iowa Children

Lobbied and organized a rally  at the capitol in protest to mask and vaccine mandates in Iowa, writing 140 hand written letters to the governor, many of which were written by Iowa's children. Within 24 hours of our rally, Iowa passed it's mask prohibition law which prohibited our schools from harmfully masking our children and lifted all mask mandates in cities through out Iowa. 

Collaborated in a massive coordinated effort between freedom groups across the state, to bring the American Front Line doctors to Iowa. The event attracted nearly 2,000 Iowans with Simone Gold headlining the event and several of our legislators speaking to inspire Iowans to stay strong and resolute in the fight for their medical freedoms. 

Wrote 200 emails to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission. Oliver and many Iowans 4 Freedom members spoke at their September meeting to to bring awareness to the mass religious and medical civil rights violations occurring in Iowa. They took notice and put out a press release to inform Iowans that they were there for them and would be investigating each claim and holding businesses accountable for any violations. 

Helped to organize and facilitate a meeting with 30 nurses from all across Iowa and Senate Majority Leader Jack Whitver to bring to light the medical discrimination that Iowa Nurses were facing. What was originally scheduled for one hour turned into a two hour session in which Senator Whitver listened to every nurses heartfelt testimony. 

Co Hosted a World Wide Freedom Rally at the Capitol with over 700 Iowans in protest to Vaccine Mandates. We invited many freedom loving legislators and doctors to speak and continued working to move the needle in the direction of freedom for every Iowan. 

Brought hundreds of Iowans to our FREE IOWA rally at the capitol protesting vaccine mandates. After the rally we hosted a 2 hour Lunch and Learn with 5 doctors from Iowa and across the US and 40 legislators to discuss the importance of the freedom of choice when it comes to Covid Vaccines and some of the discrimination and persecution that doctors had been facing.  We were told by legislators that this was one of the most impactful events of the year. 

Invited to the capitol on the first day of the session to meet with a dozen Representatives to discuss education reform and collaborate on ideas and strategies for legislation the would protect Iowa's children and restore parental rights. 

Hosted and moderated a private educational forum with legislators and Dr. James Lindsay, the leading expert on CASEL, SEL and CRT. 

We helped protect Iowa children from being subjected to dangerous surgeries and hormone treatment by lobbying and sending out a Call To Action for HF623/SF538 and other important education legislation.  Our CTA resulted in hundreds of emails and phone calls to legislators. This life saving legislation passed through both the House and Senate with no amendments. 

Free Iowa

These are only a few highlights of the extensive work that we are doing to preserve the rights and liberties of Iowans. We have been a strong supporter of The Students First Act which passed early in the session and have been working hard to educate Iowans about the benefits of school choice.

Listen to this episode of  This Week At The Capitol and hear Representative Shipley stress how much our research and work has affected legislation. 

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