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Continually Building Our Freedom Network 




Welcome to Iowa's Freedom Network – Where Your Voice Ignites Change!


Over the past few years, our Freedom Network has continually grown, uniting thousands of impassioned Iowans who are actively engaged, attentively listening, and resolutely following our Calls to Action. Through your unwavering support and active participation, we've left an indelible mark in safeguarding our fundamental rights and cherished freedoms.


From championing Medical Freedom to defending Parental Rights, from shielding our children from indoctrination to preventing harmful medical procedures in minors, your voice holds sway. Our mission is clear: to enlighten and mobilize, to educate and advocate, to rally behind legislators who champion liberty and remind them of their duty to those they represent.


You may have joined us at one of our incredible freedom rallies, signed up for our mailing list, or simply texted FREEDOM to 888-702-1791. If you've been receiving our Calls to Action or tuning in to our podcast, you're a valuable member of our Freedom Network. We encourage you to invite your friends, so they too can access vital information about upcoming legislation that merits support or opposition.


Our legislators know they can rely on us. They turn to us for guidance and input, request our presence at subcommittee and committee hearings, and implore us to reach out to wavering colleagues with our concerns and our stories. Iowans 4 Freedom has already made an impactful difference, and we're steadfast in our resolve to make an even greater impact, session after session.


Whether it's supporting true conservatives during primary elections or fervently advocating for the people, our Freedom Network stands resolute. Join us in this noble endeavor, for as Edmund Burke aptly said, 'The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men and women to do nothing.' Together, we will continue to ensure that freedom prevails in the great state of Iowa."

Join Now

Sign up for mailing list and text the word FREEDOM to 1-888-702-1791.

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