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2/26 Call To Action: Funnel Week

Updated: Mar 12

This is our last Chance to get SF 85 through committee and HF 362 through Sub Committee and Committee.

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There is a lot to unpack here that needs our attention this week.

Update: Special Message at the end from Senator Sandy Salmon concerning, Election Integrity, Drag Shows and Religious Freedom.


These are companion bills. Both removing CASEL and making Surveys Opt In instead of Opt out. CASEL has been removed from the IDOE website, the IDOE is being reorganized, but we need to remove CASEL from Iowa entirely. "Run it out of town" so to speak.

*This is a public private partnership that needs to be completely terminated. We don't want or need privately owned corporations in our schools, surveying, data mining, confusing and ultimately, indoctrinating our children. We need to get "Back to Basics" in education in Iowa.

An Act relating to public education, including participation in surveys, analyses, activities, or evaluations by students, employees, and contractors of school districts or charter schools and prohibiting the use of certain resources or materials related to social and emotional learning.


Email your senators. Subject: VOTE YES for SF 85 Tell them to schedule a committee hearing meeting and vote YES for SF 85.

Simply copy and paste the email addresses.

Senate Education Committee Emails:

HF 362 - This is the same bill but on the House Side.

Email your Representatives. Subject PUSH HF 362 THROUGH They need to fast track it and schedule a subcommittee hearing meeting and a committee hearing meeting ASAP and VOTE YES, Friday is the last day of Funnel Week.

House Education Committee Emails:

Learn more about Funnel Week in this informative interview with Representative Dan Gehlbach from the House Education Committee.

We aren't certain at this point if they have any intention of pushing these bills through. That's why they need our attention. They seem to be counting on the new IDOE direction to take care of the issue (surveys may be addressed in other legislation). But we need to send a message that it's not good enough and that we want our elected representatives to take action. The more emails and correspondence they receive, the more they will understand how much of a concern this is to the people of Iowa.

More information on CASEL and SEL.

Hear our interview with the U.S. leading expert on CRT and SEL here.

BACK TO BASICS in IOWA EDU - An Informative Article


2nd Amendment Preservation Act

SUPPORT HF 147 The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

Representative Shipley's 3min Message

"The last thing we need is to turn our Iowa law enforcement into henchmen for the federal Government." - Rep Shipley

If you are interested in protecting our 2nd amendment - view the CALL TO ACTION here.


SF 91 / HF 303 Emergency Powers

SF 91/ HF 303 restricts governmental power in emergencies and public health disasters. These bills need our support!

  • As the emergency and public-health-disaster powers are currently written, the governor or director of HHS can force testing, vaccination, treatment, or quarantines, in addition to restricting assembly, business access, religious gatherings, and more. These laws were written and enacted over 15 years ago as a top-down piece of legislation from the CDC.. Now that we have seen the tendency for government overreach in these situations, the laws need to be re-evaluated.

Stand for Health Freedom Made it Easy for Us. Weigh in on this bill HERE.

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men and women do nothing.

Thank you for doing something and TAKING ACTION!


UPDATE: A special message from our friend Senator Sandy Salmon. I know there's a lot in this weeks call to action but with the vast amount of education reform taking place here in Iowa we have to stay vigilant and see it through.

Dear friends,

Here are several bills to advocate for next week: Sorry I don’t know yet when they will be scheduled for subcommittee hearing but we are trying to get them next week and still be able to get them out of committee before the first funnel.

SSB 1164 – Religious Freedom Bill –

1. This bill says that a person’s free exercise of religion shall not be burdened by state action unless the government has a compelling interest and the state action is the least restrictive means of furthering that interest. (in legal terms this is called strict scrutiny and is the highest legal standard).

2. It also says counties and cities cannot enact an ordinance that violates this standard.

3. This bill also says that religious conduct cannot be treated by the state more restrictively than comparable secular conduct that is just as risky or because of a supposed economic need.

SF 348 – Prohibits Minors at Drag Shows - A minor is prohibited from being present at a drag show on both public and private property or outdoors where minors can view it. Criminal penalties and fines apply. Parents can bring lawsuit.

These below are 3 election bills that have passed subcommittee and now must go before the Senate State Government Committee, Chair Sen. Jason Schultz:

SF 341 – These documents assist in determining if there was fraud in an election.

  1. Requires the Secretary of State after an election to create a digital record of all the voters who voted in that election. This is a snapshot in time of all the voters who voted in that election.

  2. Requires the county auditor to create a ballot log (cast vote record) for that election. The log will show the order and timestamp for each ballot received. No personal identifiable information shall be included. Made available on a per precinct basis.

  3. Both records shall be made available at no cost upon request.

SF 342

  1. Makes optional the use of voting machines to cast, record and count votes.

  2. Requires a person registering on the day of an election to cast a provisional ballot. It will be counted when it is determined the person is eligible to vote.

SF 351 – This bill is designed to protect the work of Iowa Canvassing citizen volunteers who are working to clean up our voter rolls.

  1. Allows Iowa citizens of one county to challenge the voter registration of a citizen who lives in another county or of a citizen who has moved out of state.

  2. Political research for the purposes of obtaining voter registration records is defined to include work by citizens to research and help maintain accurate voter records. No further requirements are allowed to be imposed by the Secretary of State upon those citizens.

Any and all efforts to advocate for these bills would be much appreciated!

Thank you!

Sandy Salmon

State Senator Iowa Senate District 29


BACK TO BASICS in IOWA EDU - How it relates to small town Iowa.


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