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Updated: Mar 12

Special Message from Representative Jeff Shipley on the 2nd Amendment Preservation Act.

*Listen to this Important 3min message from Representative Shipley

SUPPORT HF 147 The 2nd Amendment Preservation Act

"The last thing we need is to turn our Iowa law enforcement into henchmen for the federal Government."

Joe Biden’s pistol brace ban takes effect on May 31st and unless the legislature passes the Second Amendment Preservation Act (HF-147), Biden will be able to compel Iowa law enforcement to enforce this tyrannical mandate that was never voted on in Congress!

That’s why the Iowa legislature needs to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, which would require Iowa enforcement to enforce Iowa laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories — effectively nullifying Biden’s executive order.

SAPA legislation has been upheld by the courts, is law in Missouri, and just passed a House Judiciary Sub-Committee which means it can be voted on by the full Judiciary Committee and sent to the House for a full floor vote!

But Bloomberg and dozens of other lobby organizations are trying to block this bill in Des Moines.

Read The Bill Here HF 147

Please Email your Legislators and tell them to move it through the Full Judiciary Committee and to VOTE YES on HF 147. Copy and paste emails.

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph in the world is that good men do nothing.

Please make a public comment in support of the house government oversight hearing Monday at 5 PM.

This hearing is a continuation from the hearing two weeks ago where five Iowa mothers shared their experience with objecting to obscene materials in their school district.

This hearing will include questions by the Government oversight committee and testimony from the superintendents and board members from each of those districts.

* To get a deeper understanding of the issue - Listen to this informative interview with one of the moms who testified at the last meeting.

Talking points:

Ask the legislators to require k-12 schools to restrict obscene books the same way they currently restrict obscene content on the internet at school.

This is NOT banning books, If it was we wouldn't be for it. This is no different than common sense ratings on movies or the safe guards added to our school internet and school devices.

If you have concerns feel free to view the content that parents and legislators are concerned about HERE.

Please let our legislators know how you feel about obscene books being purchased with taxpayer funds and placed in our school libraries and classrooms to begin with and share your thoughts about the biased and convoluted process parents have to go through to have an obscene book removed.

Support SF 305

An Act relating to the dissemination of certain specified materials, including the prohibition of certain specified materials in schools and civil actions to determine obscenity, modifying the responsibilities of the department of education, and providing civil penalties.

Read the Bill Here

Email The Senate Education Committee and ask them to support the bill and move it forward. Especially the Chair. Senator Ken Rozenboom.

Tell him that our children need protection from obscene material in our schools (share your story).

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."

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