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CTA: Time is Running Out

Ultimate Destruction of American Freedom

Would you like to have your life micromanaged in every way? Being told how you should spend your money, where you can travel, or what you MUST put in your body. I imagine you don’t.

The Biden Administration is aggressively seeking to give your rights to make these decisions (and more!) to the World Health Organization (WHO) in the next few days!

The World Health Assembly is meeting in Geneva, Switzerland May 21-30, 2023. Our own government, led by the Biden Administration, wants to give full US authority to the WHO over healthcare decisions and to issue future pandemics. That would mean the Director of the WHO would have the power to declare an emergency and restrict our right to travel, mandate lockdowns, masks, vaccines, and treatments, and we’d have no right to appeal.

Two ways that the Biden Administration is trying to give WHO total power are through the Global Pandemic Treaty and International Health Regulations (IHR). (1)

The IHR are an instrument of international law that is legally-binding on 196 State Parties, including the 194 WHO Member States. There are over 300 proposed amendments to the IHR. (2)

At the center of this is the Digital ID, where each person would have a QR code with their medical info as well as financial info that would be used to control how we buy, sell, bank, and even travel.


Call the switchboard (202)-224-3121 to connect with your senators and congressmen & women.

Iowa’s Representatives in Congress:

Marianette Miller-Meeks (1st district) – (202) 225-6576

Ashley Hinson (2nd district) – (202) 225-2911

Zach Nunn (3rd district) – (202) 225-5476

Randy Feenstra (4th district) – (202) 225-4426

Iowa’s Senators:

Chuck Grassley – (202) 224-3744

Joni Ernst – (202) 224-3254

Tell them:

1. To support H.R. 79 (put forth by Arizona Congressman Andy Biggs) to leave the WHO.

2. You want the US to pull out of the WHO.

3. You DON’T want to give up US sovereignty to the WHO.

Don’t live in fear but be aware that there is an agenda to control every human being through the guise of “health”. Spread awareness of this issue, contact your senators and congressmen & women, and PRAY. Ultimately this is a spiritual battle and we need God to intervene for us!


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