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3/15 CALL TO ACTION: Keep Iowa School Bathrooms Safe

Updated: Mar 12

This is a common sense bill. Unfortunately we are living in the land of Uncommon Sense. We have heard that there are a handful of Republican Representatives who seem to be on the fence about this bill and they need to hear from you.


This bill requires elementary and secondary public schools to designate and allow the use of multiple occupancy restrooms and changing areas only by persons of the SAME BIOLOGICAL SEX.

The bill prohibits a person from entering a single or multiple occupancy restroom or changing area in a school that does not correspond with the person’s biological sex.

The bill allows schools to provide alternative facilities upon a request to school officials for alternative facilities from the parents of the student.


Please EMAIL and call your house representative and let them know that you want them to VOTE YES to this bill and WHY. As I said on the news recently,

"I don't know a father who would want his daughter to have to share a bathroom, locker room or shower, with a biological male."

This bill will be debated tomorrow, 3/16 possibly late morning, on the house floor.

FIND MY LEGISLATOR Email your house representative.

Also email ALL of the House Republicans Here.

We know you are frustrated with this one. It's common sense that shouldn't have to be legislated.

There are provisions for special accommodations in this bill for children who have been confused about their "gender identity" by social media, influencers, Disney, Hollywood etc. and now some of our Woke school districts. So here are some tips on how to engage with your legislators.

Legislative Engagement Tips
Download PDF • 203KB

Let's all read them before we tell them what we really think.

Feel free to share this and mark DONE on the FB POST.

We spoke at the sub committee hearing on behalf of an earlier version of this bill or similiar bill authored by Senator Cherielynn Westrich. Below was her previous call to action.

Thank you for taking ACTION!

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."


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