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What is a Woman?: Iowa proposes a renewal in definition.

What is a woman?

The term "woman" has become ambiguous in today's society and is being used by certain groups as an adjective to describe anyone who wants to be considered a woman, despite their biological sex. Iowa has proposed legislation that will define the term "woman" as meaning "female" in code. Which according to the Oxford Dictionary is "of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes."

The subcommittee meeting for this bill is today, 1/23, these things come up quickly and we have to review the schedule every morning to stay informed.

HSB 588 A bill for an act defining the term woman for the purposes of the rules of statutory construction.

Subcommittee: 01/23/2024 3:30 PM Room 102

Comment on the Bill: HERE

Email Subcommittee Members in Support of this bill:

*Continue to follow this bill. It has to be passed through subcommittee, be scheduled for a committee hearing and pass, be submitted by leadership to go to the house floor for debate, pass by a majority and then do the same through the senate to get to the governor's desk.

This should be simple. We live in Iowa. Even our Governor has said on stage at a campaign event, "we know the difference between a boys and girls here in Iowa" ....

We know the difference between boys and girls in Iowa. - Governor Kim Reynolds

Yet somehow "gender identity" remains a protected class in the Iowa Civil rights code. It is considered "fluid" AND still treated as an "immutable" characteristic like the other protected classes.

Representative Jeff Shipley's recently proposed legislation HF 2082 would change that, allowing gender dysphoria to be protected as a medical disability in the Iowa civil rights code but no longer considering it a protected class with all of the extra privileges that have caused so many issues in Iowa. The following is a public forum with Representative Shipley and De-transitioner Chloe Cole, which sheds even further light on the subject. Chloe Cole: Public Forum on Identity and Youth Mental Health Crisis.

Tomorrow I'm interviewing a young woman who left her college last year, because they were allowing a biological male to use her shower and bathroom facilities, a woman's most private and vulnerable space, where in a previous year a student was raped. Reports are that this young man changed "genders" from week to week and sometimes day to day and used whichever facilities he felt like on the day.

Chloe Cole's story is a warning about what happens when we don't protect our children from this indoctrination.


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