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Please email and or text the following article about CASEL to your representatives.

They need this information coming into the next session. Let them know that the Iowa Department of Education needs remove CASEL, “Transformational” SEL and data harvesting from Iowa Schools!

Email, Call and Text your representatives. Find yours HERE

Call the Governor: 515-281-5211

Email the following key members of the Iowa Education Reform Committee: Let them know that we need to get back to a neutral and non-political learning environment in Iowa Public Schools. No more CASEL or SEL.

IMPORTANT UPDATE - Please direct emails to the House and Senate Education Committees as well! We've done some of the work for you. Simply copy and paste the following email addresses into your email.

House Education Committee

Senate Education Committee

Your voice matters! If you take just a few minutes and email them now, it will make a huge difference in their focus when coming into the session. We need something more than HF802. Iowa educators and administrators were already caught here on video bragging about how they've circumvented it and how they are still teaching these divisive concepts to their students. Many are using SEL as the delivery tool.

The only thing necessary for evil to triumph, is for good men and women to do nothing.

You've done this before! When we went to speak at the Iowa Civil Rights commission about our religious exemptions for the shot being violated, you sent 200 emails prior to our meeting! And they took notice!

The day before Governor Reynolds passed Iowa’s mask prohibition law, you came to the capitol and wrote 140 handwritten letters to her and our legislators! Some of your children wrote letters as well and they listened!

This is even worse than masks. Our children are being indoctrinated. Now is the time to STAND. Email, Call, Text…. Send the article and tell them that we have to end the indoctrination of our children in Iowa. CASEL needs to go! It’s time to STAND TOGETHER to preserve our children’s innocence and to protect the cultural and political future of IOWA!

Please be kind in your communication, at this point we are just trying to give our representatives important information that they will need coming into the session. We just want them to read the articles with an open mind as we continue to share the research.

United in Freedom,

Iowans For Freedom

To continue this fight for freedom, we rely on the generosity of patriots like you. For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee every month, you can help us to continue our mission to protect the freedoms of Iowans and the innocence of Iowa's children.

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