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The Time Is NOW!

Now is the time to act. Your voice not only matters, it is essential. This is a pivotal moment in the history of freedom in Iowa.

"Will we look back and wish we would have acted when we had the chance? Or will we one day tell our children and grandchildren how we stood up for their freedoms with our fellow Iowans and made our voices heard?"

This important piece of legislation needs to make it to the house floor. This is the peoples bill. Without the people it will not make it to the governors desk.


Speaker of the House, Pat Grassley:

House Majority Leader, Matt Windschitl:

Email Speaker of the House Pat Grassley & House Majority Leader Matt Windschiitl. Tell them your story or a friends story of discrimination and segregation. Tell them your story of injury or simply tell them why you think it's a violation of our God given Rights and Liberties to have businesses in Iowa mandating an experimental medical procedure to their employees and for businesses to be asking citizens for their private medical information. Read the bill here. Tell them why you think it's so important to get this bill passed through the house and moved on to the senate.

Email your representatives as well: Find them HERE

Your representatives need to hear from you. Leadership needs to hear from you. If we want to regain our medical privacy and freedom, The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act needs your support.

"Alone we may only be a single drop of water, but together we are the ocean."

Warmest Regards,

Oliver Bardwell & The Iowa Stands United Team


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