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The People's Lobby

Join Us Tomorrow! Thursday March 3rd to lobby for the people!

This bill is the people's bill and it needs your help. If you value your medical privacy and freedom HF 2545 The Medical Privacy & Freedom Act (Formerly HSB 647) needs to be passed into law and our legislators need your help to make it happen.

Join us at The Capitol on the second floor rotunda tomorrow (Thursday 3/3) (Anytime) between 10:30AM and 12:30PM and we will help you fill out a slip to request a short conversation with your representative. We will also give you a sheet with the summary of the bill and some talking points if you need them. Even if you only have an hour or less. Come by when it's most convenient for you.

These face to face interactions are essential. There have been groups there on Tuesday and Wednesday this week as well and we need to continue to keep up the pressure. I will be there. The Iowa Mama Bears will be there, along with Sonya Swan, the founder of Iowans for Informed Consent and many others.

If you weren't able to talk to the representatives that you wanted to on Tuesday or Wednesday, come Thursday as well. Persistency is the key. If you have friends that couldn't make it Tuesday or Wednesday bring them on Thursday.

Out of the two dozen bills we have been tracking, 7 are eligible for floor debate in the House or the Senate!

The question is whether the leadership of the House and Senate will send these bills to the floor for a vote.

Please email the House and Senate leadership and ask them to bring these bills to the floor for debate and a vote!

Particularly the Medical Privacy and Freedom Bill HF 2545. Please ask Pat Grassley what is holding up this bill!

* click on the bill number to view the bill

HF 2545 (formerly HSB 647) The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act Preventing discrimination due to medical status or immunity passports.

HF2298 (formerly HF2040) Addressing vaccine mandates in childcare facilities and schools

HF2203 (formerly HF2010) - Gives the right to try off-label drugs for terminally ill or mechanically ventilated individuals.

SF2269 (Formerly SF2156) - Codifies the reporting requirements for adverse events from Federal Law with enforcement at the state level.

SF2335 (formerly SF2028) - Documented consent must be obtained from a parent or guardian for a minor to receive vaccinations.

SF 2255 (formerly SSB 3035) Certificate of Need

SF 2079 Restricting who can issue a vaccine requirement for schools. Protecting exemptions.

It is essential that every Iowan who cares about freedom get involved.

"If not you then who? If not now then when?" We are at a pivotal moment in the history of the freedom of every Iowan. It's time to act.

"Alone we may only be a single drop of water, but together we are the ocean,"

Many Blessings,

Oliver & The Iowa Stands United Team

DONATE - There are many expenses involved with the work we do. Not everyone can put the time in that's necessary to protect our freedoms but if you're interested in supporting the movement and feel called to, please donate. *Even as little as the price of a cup of coffee every month can make a big difference.


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