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The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act

This is one of our most important interviews to date on The Freedom Factor and it is about the Iowa Medical Privacy & Freedom Act and you can help to get it passed.

Representatives Jon Jacobsen and Mark Cisneros have submitted a Medical Freedom bill to the State Government Committee, that will end employer mandates and vaccine passports in Iowa and they need our support.

The subcommittee meeting, which will determine whether or not this bill will pass on to committee and then to the House and Senate, is going to be held on Thursday February 10th at 2PM in room 103 at the Iowa State Capitol.

There will be lobbyists there who oppose the bill. We need to show up and lobby for the people of Iowa.

During this interview we cover; the importance of this bill, how it was written, how it preserves the medical freedoms of Iowans, the process of taking it from a dream to a reality, potential challenges and how every Iowan can help to get it passed.

If you would like to have medical freedom in Iowa again and would like to get a text as soon as the date for this subcommittee meeting is scheduled (we may only have 48 hours notice), text the word FREEDOM to 888-702-1791. We won't spam you and you can opt out at anytime.

Also follow this link to the State Government Committee and email and call the legislators on this committee to let them know how you feel about the bill. Share your stories. Tell them how important it is that they vote for this Bill. Here is a link to the most current draft of the Medical Privacy & Freedom Act.

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