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Project Patriot Storm

Vote for Patriots in the Iowa Primary Elections, June 7th, 2022!

Americans are becoming increasingly aware that our nation is headed in the wrong direction. The political elite has sold the American people’s rights in exchange for power. From our livelihoods with the value of the dollars we earn, to our health and bodily autonomy, to our free speech and safety, our lives are being controlled by the political elite.

We cannot trust the current political establishment with the future of this country and the future of freedom for our children. If we want freedom to endure, We the People need to rise up and change the course our nation is on.

We ask that you join patriots across Iowa in getting out the vote this primary election, June 7th, 2022. We cannot reverse the course of this nation with any one candidate or election, but we can through joining forces and creating a grassroots movement of patriot voters. Our organization has come together with patriot groups across the state to remind voters they have a voice, and to inform them of various candidates that will be on the ballot this primary election who are pro-medical freedom and pro-constitution patriots.


This is our chance to show up and stand up to the establishment. The currency of the establishment is to leave the ordinary man’s voice and control out of the political process. They talk about freedom

but operate out of control and oppression. What we have today is not a representative government, but corporate control of the government.

The only way we beat them is if

We the People show up and redefine the kind of candidates that is on the ballot in November;

Candidates that represent our values, that fight for the constitution, and that will preserve freedom for our children. If we don’t do that, the political elite will continue to rule over us and keep our nation spiraling away from the constitution and away from freedom.

Powerful politicians and corporations own the media, they have the money, they have their inside relationships and connections, but We the People still have our voice. Our vote is our voice, and we must stand up and use it to take back our control in the political process and to redefine where this nation is headed.

Vote for Patriots in the Iowa Primary Elections, June 7th, 2022!

Get out to vote Jim Carlin for US Senate and If you see your district listed below, be sure to reach out and support your freedom loving House or Senate candidate as well.

Early voting is already open at your county Auditor's office.

United States Senate: Jim Carlin

House District 5: Zach Dieken

Senate District 7: Kevin Alons House District 15: Rebecca Wilkerson

Senate District 16: Shad Clayton House District 17: Paul Dykstra

House District 32: Mark Brown

House District 43: Eddie Andrews House District 54: Robert Nazario House District 59: Doug Campbell House District 60: Deb Hild House District 81: Luana Stoltenberg House District 87: Jeff Shipley House District 88: Helena Hayes House District 91: Brad Sherman

*This is in no way an exhaustive list. The goal was to list candidates where there was a clear and most freedom oriented option. It's our understanding, that in order to maintain unity, that where there were two or more good options, they may have not been listed. It simply wasn't possible to vet every candidate in every district. If there are candidates you want to support who aren't listed, please do so in post comments and sharing in your network. It's important that we do everything that we can to get Iowan's out to vote.

Let Freedom Ring,

Iowans 4 Freedom

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