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IOWA FREEDOM UPDATE: With House Representative Steven Holt

Reclaiming Our Founding Values

In an era where the fabric of our nation often seems frayed by divisive politics and the rapid pace of social change, the voice of Representative Steven Holt stands out. He reminds us of the enduring principles upon which our country was founded: liberty, justice, and the unwavering belief in the power of the individual to make a difference.

HF 2082 Died in Subcommittee

As we navigate the complexities of education reform, gender identity legislation, religious freedom, and immigration policies, it's crucial to remember that these are not just political issues; they are reflections of our collective values. They challenge us to consider what kind of society we wish to be and how we can uphold the freedoms that define us.

Ask the Subcommittee members why they didn't pass it? Give them your opinion on it. Tell them your story. Share this video about how gender confusion is tearing apart our nation.

Ask Matt Windschitl why he "doesn't believe that the Iowa Civil Rights Code needs revisited."

Education and Our Children's Future

In our interview, Holt emphasizes the importance of an education system that respects the values of its community while preparing students for a future where they can thrive. He advocates for a curriculum that balances academic rigor with the moral and civic virtues essential for a healthy republic. Education needs to be about ensuring our children inherit a legacy of freedom and equal opportunity. Not oppression and equal outcome.

Respect for All Not Just a Select Few

In discussions around gender identity, Holt calls for a dialogue that transcends political rhetoric to address the heart of the issue: how do we ensure dignity, respect, and fairness for everyone in our society while still protecting our women's rights? Iowa women's rights are being violated all across the state. "We find ourselves in a place now where protected classes have their rights elevated above others and it causes a lot of problems in our culture and in our society."

It's erasing women, it's erasing women's rights, it's erasing the gains we've made.

Safeguarding Our Liberties

Religious freedom, a cornerstone of our nation's founding, remains a pivotal issue today. Holt's stance is clear: protecting the rights of individuals to practice their faith freely is fundamental to our identity as a nation. This principle, he argues, is inseparable from the pursuit of a just and free society.

Navigating the Challenges of Immigration

The topic of immigration policy is fraught with complexity, but Holt approaches it with a perspective that balances legal integrity with humanitarian concern. With 20 years of service in the Marine Corps and another 4 years in law enforcement, Representative Holt is in favor of using our military to secure the border "if that's what it takes".

Recognizing the contributions of immigrants to the fabric of our nation, he advocates for a strategy that targets and penalizes criminals, including human and drug traffickers, while considering productive members of society and proceeding in a manner that won't collapse our economy.

A Call to Engage

This moment in history is not just a test of our politics but of our character as a nation. Representative Holt's insights remind us that the work of democracy is never done. It requires each of us to engage, to speak out, and to act in the service of the ideals that have long defined us.

We invite you to watch the full interview with Representative Steven Holt, to hear directly from a voice that embodies the spirit of patriotism and the commitment to the principles that make our nation great. [link to the interview video]

Representative Holt leaves us with the following message:

We have to be as dedicated to saving our country as the other side is to destroying it.

As members of the Iowans 4 Freedom community, let's take up this call to action. Let's participate in our local and national discourse, not as spectators but as active contributors. Let's commit to being informed, respectful, and passionate advocates for the values we hold dear.

Together, we can shape a future that honors our past, embraces our present, and anticipates a brighter tomorrow for all.


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