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Hello Iowans 4 Freedom.

Update: Subcommittee meeting for HSB 647 will be held Thursday February 10th at 2PM in Room 103 at The Iowa State Capitol.

Keep an eye out for the Medical Privacy & Freedom Act subcommittee hearing meeting announcement this week and please email the representatives on the State Government Committee about the bill.

If you would like to be notified as soon as the meeting date and time is announced text the word FREEDOM to 888-702-1791. As we always say, "we won't spam you and you can opt out at anytime." This is the quickest and most reliable way to receive an update.

This week is an important week for freedom in Iowa. Not only is there a subcommittee meeting coming up for the Medical Privacy and Freedom Act, there is a subcommittee hearing meeting scheduled for Wednesday at 2PM in Room G15 for SSB3079 a bill relating to the rights of parents and guardians of students enrolled in school districts. This is a much needed bill for Iowa's parents and children. If you feel called to please show up to support the bill and email these legislators who will be sitting on the committee.;;; .

I hope you enjoy the first and most recent episode in a new series on The Freedom Factor.

Se 01. The Se. Stands for Spiritual Episode. The Freedom factor is not only about medical freedom and freedom of speech and movement - it’s also about the most important freedom that one can hope to attain in life - which is spiritual freedom.

This series is an audio version of my best selling book The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom. The audio book hasn't been released yet but in light of the challenges that we have been facing and the stress that people have been experiencing, I wanted our members to be able to have audio access to the book.

Each week I will be releasing a portion of the book on The Freedom Factor. Part 1 will come directly to from the studio, parts 2 and 3 may be read to you from my podcasting desk.

The Way is about learning to connect with that deep place of peace that resides in all of us. I hope you enjoy it and I hope to meet you someday along our paths to freedom…

If you have happen to enjoy this portion of The Way: A Small Book of Wisdom and would like a copy of the book you can purchase an Ebook, paperback or a signed copy at Each week we will be sharing several chapters of the book on The Freedom Factor. Please subscribe and share it with your friends.

I hope to see you sometime at the capitol this week.

Many Blessings,


Iowans 4 Freedom

Donate - we are a not for profit and even as little as $5/month, less than a Starbucks cup of coffee, can help us to keep fighting for the freedoms of every Iowan.

"Alone we may only be a single drop of water, but together we are the ocean."


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