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From Home School Mom to House Representative

From Home School Mom to House Representative.

From Pissed Off Parent to Policy Maker.

Helena Hayes is one of a kind and she is on a mission to Protect Iowa's Children.

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In this episode we learn about how Helena went from being a concerned parent to making decisions at the State Capitol. She shares several important bills with us that will protect the innocence of Iowa's children and she educates us on the process.

The message that Helena shares is that your voice matters and you can make a difference.

You're Voice Matters.

Make sure you exercise it in the coming weeks by calling and emailing your legislators. Tell them to vote for school choice. Also if you want to follow these bills that Helena shared with us during the interview, here are are the links.

HF 1: School Choice - Debates in both chambers this week.

HF 8: On Gender Identity

HF 9: Parental Consent

HF 5: School Transparency

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If you like the episode and appreciate what we are doing in the fight for our freedoms and for the hearts and minds of our children here in Iowa, please donate.

Many Blessings,

Oliver Bardwell

"Alone we may be only a single drop of water but together we are the ocean."


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