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Freedom Lives in Dallas County Iowa

Updated: Mar 12

Freedom lives and breathes in Dallas County Iowa and it was certainly in attendance last night at Royal Flooring, where the Dallas County Iowa GOP hosted an amazing Rally, which showcased the incredible intelligence and energy of Presidential Candidate, Vivek Ramaswamy.

Iowans 4 Freedom joined in and helped to promote the Rally. We wanted to thank Governor Reynolds and our freedom loving legislators for all of their hard work this session and hoped to inspire Iowans to renew their commitment to freedom.

*Listen to this important message on Freedom. UPDATED: new video added

Ronald Reagan once said,

Freedom is always just one generation away from extinction.

And we've been hearing too much of the silence that Martin Luther King Jr. spoke of when he warned us that,

Our lives begin to end, the day we become silent about the things that matter.

Too many people have been silent and have been watching from the sidelines as our American values are being destroyed and our freedoms are being rapidly stripped away. That's why it's so important that we get active and participate in our local freedom groups and in our republican party.

Last night was the first time that I've personally heard Vivek speak and I have to say that I was impressed. He's an amazing speaker, he captivated the audience, he knows the issues we are all concerned with and has some incredible ideas on how to bring our country back from the insanity that we have all been subjected to these past few years.

There were a lot of heads nodding in agreement when Vivek said that every voter under the age of 25 should be required to pass the same civics test that our immigrants have always had to pass when becoming U.S, citizens.

Similar verbiage was proposed that didn't make it into our Education Omnibus bill this session, which would have required Iowa High School students to take the same civics test as a requirement for graduation. Maybe it will be added in some form next session.

Vivek, Governor Reynolds, Jake Chapman, Kathy Barnett, Kelley Koch, Terry Rich and the Iowa Young Conservatives were all amazing last night.

Under the guidance of this years new Chair Kelley Koch and her amazing team of republicans the Dallas County Iowa GOP is growing rapidly and "Leading the way into the Iowa 2024 caucuses."

At our last meeting we heard from Perry Johnson and I know Kelley has been diligently looking for volunteers for the Trump Rally tomorrow. She is making sure that we hear from as many of our republican candidates as possible.

Representative Eddie Andrews was in attendance last night, Eddie is everywhere, along with two of our Dallas County freedom fighters, Representative Dan Gehlbach and our very own Dallas County Moms for Liberty Vice Chair, Shellie Flockhart. Freedom and Liberty go hand in hand.

Stay tuned for more incredible events this summer and I hope that after you've listened to our message on Freedom that you have an even greater appreciation for our Iowa State Motto and the commitment that it requires of every Iowan who values FREEDOM and LIBERTY.

These words convey a clear message to all future generations—that it is our duty - to protect and preserve what we have been given.

"Our liberties we prize and our rights WE WILL maintain"

Oliver Bardwell

Iowans 4 Freedom

The Freedom Factor


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