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'Freedom Has Been Banned'

We’ve been banned from Face Book....

Most of our five thousand Iowans 4 Freedom members know that masks don’t work and that they do more harm than good. They’ve been fighting to get them off of our children for a year now and many of them were there the day we rallied at the capitol and said NO MORE. That same night, governor Kim Reynolds, signed legislation into law which prohibited schools and cities from mandating masks. Our good friends "The Iowa Mamma Bears" who fought hard along side of us every step of the way, were there to witness it.

Our members have read the many mask studies published in prominent medical journals for themselves. They don’t blindly listen to the propaganda churned out by the mainstream media and they seem to have an innate ability to know the truth when they hear it. Our members are mostly Iowans who value their freedoms. They have taken the red pill so to speak and have been awake for awhile now.

Iowans 4 Freedom are also Iowans who believe that if there is RISK that there MUST be a CHOICE. They have all been saying NO to mandates of any kind for Iowans and they’ve been showing up to our Capitol Rallies by the hundreds. It should be by the thousands, but we will get there. We aren’t going anywhere.

I think it’s safe to say that Iowans 4 Freedom members all know that Fauci is a self-serving bureaucrat who should have been replaced long ago and that there is more to the story than what we are seeing in the main-stream media. Which is why we seldom see posts that would be seen by the so called “fact checkers” as conspiracy theories. Our members already have a good idea of what is truly going on. They send us emails and messages everyday with links to great studies, articles and interviews containing the truth.

We do post about upcoming freedom events. We support each other when we need to write a religious exemption or when a friend or relative has contracted Covid and needs to find a doctor who will give them an early treatment protocol.

We share legislation that everyone needs to be aware of and that will affect their freedoms and we post "Calls to Action" when something urgent needs to be accomplished. Like sending hundreds of emails to the Iowa Civil Rights Commission in just a few days.

Iowans 4 Freedom has been a safe haven for like minded freedom loving Iowans to connect with each other and experience community…… and as long as we don’t share too much truth that goes against the mainstream narrative, we’ve had a place on Face Book.

Today a post slipped through concerning the truth about masks and now our group somehow violates Facebook’s “community standards” and now we have been banned. I believe the true reason for the ban is in the title of our group. It’s the FREEDOM part that they don’t like.

We can’t talk to much about FREEDOM. We can’t care too much about FREEDOM. We can’t fight too much for our FREEDOM or we will be censored and banned.

We have asked for a review of the violation and hope to be back up soon but there are no guarantees. Regardless, we are still planning our next rally. We are still working with our legislators to promote more comprehensive legislation to protect the Freedom of every Iowan and we are still moving forward. We will never give up and we aren’t going away.

Freedom is in our blood. It’s in our very soil. Our country was founded on it and for Iowans especially, Freedom is something that we won’t give away for a little sense of false security, no matter how badly our government would like us to. After all, I believe it was the great Benjamin Franklin who said,

"Those who would give up a little liberty, to gain a little security, will deserve neither and lose both."

We neither need their false promises of security nor will we give up one ounce of Freedom and Liberty.

We are a FREE IOWA… and will continue to fight to stay that way.

Now that our private group is banned from Facebook you can find us in the following places.


1. Please subscribe to our EMAIL LIST and our YouTube channel.

2. Like our public Facebook page (which hasn’t been banned ye)

3. Text the word FREEDOM to 888-702-1791 for updates to our Events and meetings. This is the best way to stay in the know. We won’t spam you and you can opt out at any time.

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