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Dispelling the Myths about Iowa's School Choice Bill - with Walt Rogers

Watch this interview to learn the truth about Iowa's Students First Act. Contrary to what some would like us to believe,

it's NOT a Voucher, it's an ESA and the bill has the great potential to benefit students, parents, public schools and teachers.

TUESDAY January 17th at 5PM is the Committee Meeting for this bill at the Capitol.

If you still have questions about the legislation, email them to our guest, former legislator and House Education Chair, Walt Rogers:

Please like the video, follow and share our Rumble Channel. We moved from youtube do to free speech issues and were being told yesterday that people were having trouble hitting the like and follow button. It seems to be working now.

Also Follow us on Twitter. Now that Elon cleaned house and Twitter is a free speech platform we will be sharing more there as well.

EMAIL and CALL YOUR LEGISLATORS - The opponents of this bill are active and they are spreading misinformation. Email and call your legislators. Let them know that you support this bill.

Help us Lobby for the people of Iowa. We are a not for profit and our opponents have deep pockets. For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee per month you can help us in our fight for the freedom of every Iowan.

Alone we may be only a single drop of water but together we are the ocean.

Warmest Regards,

Oliver Bardwell


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