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WE ARE MOVING free speech is under attack

We have opened an uncensored page on GAB. Please join us HERE

CENSORSHIP has become normalized

We tried to send this email update in mail chimp and wix, but it was censored and went directly to spam. So we had to do it through text messaging and through our website.

We have 5,000 members on Facebook but only a fraction ever see our posts. We were banned for over 6 weeks. Our legislators interceded on our behalf and when we were finally reinstated, we were "shadowbanned". Here is the message we received from Facebook.

Because false information was shared in your group multiple times, your group's posts will be moved lower in News Feed so people are less likely to see them

So we went from a post reach in the thousands to a post reach in the hundreds or less. We see this in other freedom groups as well and we've decided to open a page on one of the only real free speech alternatives which is GAB. Let's try it out together.

We've all gotten used to facebook censoring us and they love it. They can censor us all they want and control the narrative and information, yet we are still there. It's time to make a change. We will still post on facebook during the move and will keep our group up as long as they allow us to, but we would love to have you join us on Gab.

We would rather have 500 members there that see our posts and can share truth with each other than 5000 members on Facebook that can't see our posts and aren't allowed to post anything that isn't in line with the mainstream narrative.

Please Join us .....

Iowans 4 Freedom uncensored on GAB


Email Leadership and your legislators and tell them to either pass HF2279 (with the updated medical privacy and medical freedom protections) or to bring HF2545 "The Medical Privacy and Freedom Act" to the Senate Floor and run it as a stand alone bill. Let our legislators know that Iowans will no longer accept mandates in Iowa of any kind.

Warmest Regards,


Iowans 4 Freedom


*even as little as the cost of a cup of coffee every month can be a big help

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