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American Flag

"Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain."


We dream of a Free Iowa that other states and parts of the world look to as a beacon of hope. An Iowa with no mandates or passports, free from medical discrimination and free of indoctrination in our school system. We dream of an Iowa where our God given freedoms are respected and valued above all else.


Our purpose is to achieve that vision of a Free Iowa in a way that is balanced and creates unity.  Through bringing awareness to the issues, creating partnerships with legislators and applying pressure when it is necessary.  We want every Iowan to be empowered and to have a voice. 


We have built a community with thousands of other like minded Iowans and will continue to grow our community, by supporting and elevating each other, and creating a positive space where we can work together for the greater good. 


There is nothing sweeter than the feeling of Freedom. It's something that most Iowans have known from birth. Our freedoms are God given and no one has the right to take them away. But unfortunately there are those who are attempting to. Our constitution says, " WE THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF IOWA, grateful to the Supreme Being for the blessings hitherto enjoyed, and feeling our dependence on Him for a continuation of those blessings."  If WE THE PEOPLE don't STAND UP now and fight for our freedom, our children and grandchildren may never know a FREE IOWA.   

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